LMSD Squash History and Information


In 1997, the HLM squash team was created due to the efforts of Harriton French teacher Susan Gross. At the time, Squash was a sport played exclusively in private clubs and private schools, Susan sought to expose public-school students to squash and allow them to experience the sport’s physical and educational benefits. The Cynwyd Club—situated in Lower Merion, with a long history in the world of squash — boldly agreed to take in the fledgling program, providing coaching and courts at a time when it was unheard-of to see a private club open its doors to non-members. From the beginning, the school team combined players from both Lower Merion High School and Harriton High School, and offered both boys and girls the chance to learn and play squash. The program was considered a club for the first several years, without financial support from the Lower Merion School District or a league in which to play. In 2003, however, the teams became members of the Mid-Atlantic Squash Association (MASA), and the Boys Varsity began to play in the Inter-Ac League. In 2004, the school district began to provide uniforms, transportation, and a faculty advisor/coach



Pre-season two weeks prior to regular season from 3pm-4:30pm. These clinics are for new, beginning players and for players who were in the lower half of the JV teams. Racquets and eyewear will be made available for pre-season training. Students will not be allowed to play without proper squash gear. All white clothing (striping or other colored decoration must be minimal) is required at all times. This is the rule at The Cynwyd Club and at many other area squash facilities that the HLM squash team will play during the regular season. There is bus transportation to the Cynwyd Club from each High School, but not home. Bus numbers will be posted prior to the start. Please make arrangements for transportation home from pre–season practice.



The HLM Squash program officially starts and tryouts begin on Monday, November 14, 2016. The program fields four teams: Boys Varsity, Girls Varsity, Boys Junior Varsity and Girls Junior Varsity, made up of players from both Harriton and Lower Merion High Schools. Program numbers vary from season to season. The School District provides buses to and from practice and matches during the regular season.



Matches will begin within the first few weeks of the season. Schedules will be posted at the Cynwyd club, on the squash website and school athletic calendars. Players are required to come for fitness training and to support a team should there be a home match. Parents are welcome to attend and support the matches. Not all schools carry a JV squad, so the JV teams may play fewer matches than Varsity. We will attempt to arrange matches with emerging programs for our beginning and intermediate players. Coaching responsibilities are limited to 3pm-4:30pm during the week, during which time they are fully occupied supervising practices and matches.



Harriton High School, Tom Ferguson, Athletic Director - fergust@lmsd.org

Lower Merion High School, Don Walsh, Athletic Director - walshd@lmsd.org

The Cynwyd Club, Shane Coleman, HLM Coach - shanecoleman@cynwydclub.com 



All WHITE clothing. A squash racquet. The Club has some available for purchase. A pair of goggles. The Club has some available for purchase. A player may not step onto the court without eye protection. Athletic shoes with non-marking soles. Players are expected to have their own equipment during the regular season e.g racquet and protective glasses.